Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's Moving Day

So it's officially moving day for me. I have left up luluswhimsy because I didn't know what direction I needed to follow. I am a Jack of all trades and it's very stressful being pulled (mentally and emotionally) in so many directions. I have made a life changing decision (hopefully) to focus on one website, tumblr, facebook, blah, blah, blah account. So down goes my twitter account I never used, my tumblr account I just redesigned and I will focus on just one goal - building Check it out!
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Lost Tooth of 2013

Lost Tooth

Oh yeah, we lost our first tooth in the Shepherd household! We noticed it was loose a couple of weeks ago. She’s been warning me to mindful of it when we brush her teeth. Yesterday she came home one less tooth and a sweet plastic tooth container hanging around her neck. Apparently her tooth fell out while a teacher was reading a book. No traumatic tooth-pulling stories here.

Because of fairy tale movies and sci-fi shows like the Guardians and Yo Gabba Gabba she was certain there would be a gold coin under her pillow. Sadly, a one-dollar bill became a consolation prize. So unfortunate. Maybe we should start putting up gold, chocolate coins under their pillow?.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tree Lighting Ceremony

We are making it an annual tradition to attend the Hurst Tree Lighting ceremony and visit Santa and Mrs. Claus. They have rides, face painting, petting zoo, pony rides, and of course food. This year we went when they opened, visited the animals, the girl’s decorated cookies, and we watched the fireworks after the tree was lit. Finally, we made a mad dash to the front of the line to see Santa. Last year we waited in line for at least an hour and this year only 20 minutes. The Santa and Mrs. Claus are pros. Josey was a little bit of scrooge, she didn’t want to get her face painted, pet any animals (she couldn’t resist the rabbit), or ride the slides (which ended up being her favorite thing we did. Mak pet every single animal, she was in heaven. And Charlotte, she was in love…with her Daddy.

Meeting Santa001

Tree Lighting CollageSleds and Reindeer

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Dear Maky

Kiki Collage l LulusWhimsy

Every day I am learning more and more about you. You can be such a ham and even a little difficult at times. You are strong-willed and have a clear idea of what you want and how you want it (especially concerning what you want to wear). But the older you get the more I realize you have what it takes to live a life of conviction and serious love. You are funny, creative, and clever. I am definitely looking forward to knowing you better. Just for fun here is a rare sight – you peacefully sleeping. Usually you are tossing, turning, and talking.

Mak Attack

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Featuring Hairbrained Schemes

I’ve been surfing Etsy lately, trying to find some homemade greatness to replace my store-bought possessions I don’t love. My idea is that I can move to handmade items and will spend a little less because I am not frequenting 800 thrift stores to find one item. On one of my searches I found this  lovely lady who makes these pretty clever 8x10 unframed pieces of art. I am pretty sure there is one for everyone. Here are some of my favorites:

For My Mom

2 cups For Me

let it go

Not Going to End Well

Punch it in the face

For Jeremy

Right kind of weird

For My Lovely Sister in Law


For My Favorite Cat Lover

My Cat Loves me

For My Kids – Sometimes, I Generally Love Hearing Them

shut your pie hole

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Math Story-Telling Day

I have never considered myself a story teller, but my husband is very good at making stuff up. I don’t mean that he is just an expert at Balderdash; I mean he weaves and supports details within a story. His story-telling abilities are part of the reason I married him. I love/loved his ability to develop characters and offer the reader/listener closure. He is so talented and I have spent more than half of our marriage nagging him because he isn’t writing more. Well, today is math story-telling day and I can’t think of anyone more qualified to tell a math story than a 5th grade Math/Science teacher and storyteller.

Chuck Cleans Up

Chuck liked to build things. Actually, Chuck LOVED to build things. But right now, he couldn’t build anything. His mom had told him no more building until his workroom was clean. This used to be his bedroom, but since he was 2 years old he had been putting stuff together and making things until it slowly took over his whole room. He had even hung his bed from the ceiling to give him more room to work on the floor.

Now he stood there looking at the biggest mess he had ever seen in his entire life. “Where do I even start?” He wondered aloud. He picked up his tool belt and wrapped it around his waist. At least that was picked up off the floor, and he always felt more comfortable while wearing it.

He began picking through all the tools on the floor. He put away five screw drivers and looked through the drawers. There were seven spaces total. “How many am I missing?” he wondered. “Oh yeah, there’s two more.” He said as he looked around the table. He quickly found them and put them away.

He began picking up more of his tools and put them neatly away. As he picked up a big wrench, he found that a big container of screws had fallen off the desk and spilled all over the floor. There were 6 drawers and he knew that he had just bought a box of 96 screws. He sat for a minute trying to figure out how many screws belonged in each drawer. He grabbed his chalkboard and divided 96 by 6 and discovered it was 16 screws per drawer.

He sat for a long time counting out screws, not having any fun at all, when a thought began to creep up in his mind. “What if I didn’t have to count all these screws and put them in their boxes? What if I made something to do the job for me, then I could work on something else?” He said aloud. Chuck jumped up and began gathering his tools. He measured and cut and hammered and adjusted until he had what looked like a big ferris wheel sitting on this workbench. It had a funnel and a slide next to it that would pour into the seats of the ferris wheel. He dumped the rest of the screws into the funnel and watched as they slid down the slide. As each seat filled up, it began to turn the ferris wheel. Just as it reached 13 screws, it would spin to the next seat and begin to fill it up next.

“That’s not enough screws, I need to adjust it to more screws.” He thought. “How many more do I need for each seat?” He sat for a second and then realized he needed 3 more screws for each one. He fixed the ferris wheel and now it worked perfectly.

He looked around, excited to have some of it done. He still had a ways to go, but he worked hard and got one corner of his square room cleaned out. This left him with a few more corners to go. “Only 3 corners left.” He said to himself, and kept right on cleaning. When he got near the closet, he found a pile of dirty clothes and trash. He looked around, moved some things and found his clothes hamper in the corner of his closet. The trashcan was over by the door, and it was empty. His mom was always complaining about the trash and clothes on the floor, but he was always too busy to put them where they were supposed to be.

He suddenly had another great idea. He gathered a few small boards and his screw gun and pulled something out from under the work bench. He looked at the clothes hamper and saw it was shaped like a rectangle. He would need four right angles and four boards. He measured and cut the boards to match the bottom of the hamper. He then built a smaller box and attached it to the back of the boards. He could now put the hamper and the trashcan together on the boards. Next, he took the boards and attached them to his skateboard. Now he could roll his hamper and trashcan around his room and even down the hall to the laundry room and garbage cans. His floor was picked up in no time and he ran down the hallway pushing his new clothes and trash delivery system.

When he got back to his room, he looked around and realized he was three fourths of the way done. There was only one fourth left to clean. He put away his toys in their bins and he swept up the saw dust from his floor. As he was sweeping, he kept pushing things in a pile and he could now see that he was making a three sided shape on the floor. He was sweeping everything into a triangle. He pushed it into the dustpan and dumped it in the trash.

He could hear footsteps in the hallway as he finished up his room. He stood there, happy to be done. His mom walked into his room and gasped. “Well, well, Chuck, your room is 100 percent done! This room looks amazing, you did such a great job.” She said, praising his work.

Chuck smiled, proud of how it all looked.

“Now that you’re done, maybe you can go out in the garage and help your dad clean it up out there too.” She asked.

Chuck’s shoulders drooped and he let out a loud sigh. “Yes, Ma’am.” He answered.

As his mom turned to walk out, she could see a smile on Chuck’s face as he gathered up his tools and set out towards the garage, thinking of all the ways he could improve and make it better out there.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Voters Registration Week

LulusWhimsy l Voters Registration Week

This week is voters registration week. Just a time to remind you to exercise your voting rights. If you (reader) are in the United States and this post applies to you – you need to renew your registration – locate your state below, click, and sign up! Most states require that your renewal form is post-marked 21 days before the election, so check out the rules for you state. The provides electoral information for every state but I found a state’s secretary of state to have the most in-depth and comprehensive information.


Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas


California / Colorado / Connecticut


Delaware / District of Columbia








Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Iowa


Kansas / Kentucky




Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana


Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota


Ohio / Oklahoma




Rhode Island


South Carolina / South Dakota


Tennessee / Texas




Vermont / Virginia


Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Things to Celebrate

I feel like I sort of dropped the ball. There are so many great holidays, it is really difficult to keep up with those celebrating Brownies and Girl Scouts (see their overzealous holiday calendar here). Last Thursday was Talk Like a Pirate day and it’s almost like that day was made for me. I love weird holidays that aren’t celebrating anything real, I love when my kids dress up as pirates, and I love Captain Sparrow. I didn’t do anything for this day. I drew up some really amazing and needless badges for the girls to wear, thought up some diy pirate hats, and planned to teach my kids some wonderful pirate talk (like Maky really needs to learn “Arrgh, Walk the Plank, or Shiver Me Timbers” – actually, I’ve just convinced myself that she does).

Anyway, today (Saturday) I was checking my calendar and realized I was/am on the verge of missing Wife Appreciation Day, Hobbit Day, and Elephant Appreciation Day. I feel ridiculous posting anything about these subjects on Monday. To save myself the utter embarrassment of being a day late (you can roll your eyes – being ridiculous, I know) I decided to break my sacred/not so sacred blogging rule against posting on the weekend (Seriously, do you know of a blogger who posts on the weekend?). 

Wife Appreciation Day – Some things I would like to have one day

Hobbit Day
LulusWhimsy l Celebrate Hobbit Day

Elephant Appreciation Day – A pretty popular elephant board on Pinterest
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